The driver was efficient at delivering to my college dorm. However, they forgot to include the drink in my order.
The food is fantastic! The spicy items are spicy, and it is all bursting with flavor. It's always ready when I get there, too.
The food was great. However, the delivery service was not. The website states that they will deliver within a 3 mile radius. We live under 3 miles from the restaurant. However it took 1 and 1/2 hours for our food to be delivered and the delivery driver insisted that we lived over 3 miles away and that they would not deliver to us any more because we live too far (when in fact I drive right past the restaurant every day for work and it is less than a 10 minute drive, particularly at 9:30 at night when our food was finally delivered).
Food came super fast, everything was correct, and now I'm going to dig in! Super excited for the awesome quality. The delivery man was also very polite and efficient. Very grateful!
Any questions please call us.